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29 Dec

Gartner Identifies 5 Actions to Optimize Logistics Costs From Within the Organization

Given that logistics leaders face pressure from their stakeholders to optimize logistics costs while maintaining service and performance levels, Gartner, Inc. ...

27 Dec

Learn More About Digital Modeling for System Evaluation in MHI’s New Video

With more companies considering implementations of robotics and other automated technologies to meet increasing customer demands, the newest MHI View video ...

25 Dec

VDC Research: Growing Mobile Workforce Driving Adoption of Mobile Thermal Printers

Enhancing cloud integrations and order traceability are vital to improve efficiency On the tailwinds of an exceptional 2018, mobile thermal barcode ...

MHI Releases Video About Roadmap 2.0

A new video on the U.S. Roadmap for Material Handling & Logistics: Version 2.0 has been released by MHI on their video channel, MHI View.

Highlighting today’s lightning fast pace of business, built upon unprecedented interconnectedness and the exponential rate of change for technology, the video showcases the latest technology, consumer, workforce and logistics infrastructure trends impacting material handling and logistics between now and 2030.

Join the Roadmap on LinkedIn: Industry members are encouraged to join the U.S. Roadmap for Material Handling & Logistics Group on LinkedIn and to follow @MHLRoadmap on Twitter.